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How much do you know about popcorn?


Why do popcorn pop?

Namely, each grain contains a small amount of moisture. As it warms up, the water turns into steam. The peas are different from the other grain because the shell does not pass water and the vapor can not get out and so the pressure grows until it finally pops.

Americans annually consume 17 billion pieces of popcorn

enough to fill the Empire State Building 18 times.


Traditionally, Native Indians used different spices and even chilli for pop corns. They also added them to soups and beer.

American retailers began selling popcorn at carnivals and fairs in the late 19th century. When they started selling them in front of the cinema, the owners were not thrilled because they thought the popcorn would distract their customers from movies. It took several years before realizing the fact that popcorn can actually increase sales of tickets, and in cinemas they are regularly sold since 1912.

The Indians believed that within each grain of corn there is a living spirit. He would not normally bother people, but if his home was warmed up, the ghost would begin to jump inside the grain, he would be all sluggish and angry as long as he did not jump.

The first commercial pop corn machine was invented by Charles Cretors in Chicago in 1885. The business he founded today still supplies machines and special equipment for making popcorn.


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