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Earn more with these TOP 5 plants for the office

If you need a raise, the fastest way to success is to put the plants into your working environment. Recently a British scientist’s study published by the University of Exterity has shown that the presence of plants in the office can improve creativity by 45%, productivity by 40%, and overall mood by 50%.
Researchers from the University of Exciter organized a study that included 350 respondents divided into improvised offices. The same work was given to all respondents, and the results showed a much greater productivity and creativity at workplaces that were surrounded by plants.
In addition to these advantages, greenery will make working space more beautiful, clean air, and is known to reduce stress. If we are craving you for the greeting of a green working environment, look at which five plants will fit perfectly into every office.

1. Sanseveria

Sanskrit, African spear or Indian feather is a very resistant plant, so it is a perfect choice if you do not have much experience in horticulture. It will not be bothered with the dirty air and the lack of sunlight, or if you forget about caring for it sometimes. Although it will not “kill” the plant, the lack of care can affect its temper, because the tails on her sheets will become bleak.

2. Zamioculcas zamiifolia

According to feng shui, zamija activates fields of luck and money in a home. In Malaysia it is known as a plant of money. It is believed to bring prosperity to the owner and therefore can be seen in many homes and offices.
Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a coniferous plant native to Africa. The real hit came at the end of the twentieth century, thanks to Dutch plant breeders who began mass-selling. At the same time, it looks like a pepper and a sucker, and because of its interesting appearance and ease of maintenance, it is often used to decorate the interior and has many inhumane affairs in its home.

3. Crassula ovata

Crassula ovata or Japanese wood of coins is a very popular choice for offices, because as the name itself implies, the presence of this plant allegedly attracts money. There are explanations that plant leaves contain essential oils that increase the mental and physical alertness of men and activate their mental and physical abilities so that they achieve better results and greater earnings.

4. Pothos

This climber, also known as Scindapsus and Devil’s Ivy, is related to a philodendron. Scindapsus is very easy to maintain and handles dry air. It will tolerate weak light, and reward you with a fast growth if you water it from time to time.

5. Euphorbia tirucalli

The Euphorbia tirucalli plant will especially grow to your heart when you see how much it doesn’t miss your attention. It is literally indestructible and does not require any special care. Because of the thin twigs and the untypical look, they call it a cactus pencil. It looks like other types of cacti, without too much moisture.


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