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8 crazy beautiful summer vacations near a lake in Europe

Holiday planning in Europe is not easy.

With so many wonderful destinations you can choose, it can help if you narrow down your choices first. Hunters of cultural sights and lovers of history will undoubtedly go to one of the world’s cities on the continent, while those who like sunbathing and swimming on the beach will choose the sea-trip – perhaps one of the most award-winning beaches in Europe.

What if you do not like the sand in your feet, but do you still want to relax under the sun or fall into the water? Think of a house on a lake that you can rent all the way. The comfort you can rent will delight you. A soothing, romantic atmosphere and an unbelievable view of the waterfront will undo your accumulated daily stress.

But you can not sit outside any beach. We advised Trip Advisor to brings you eight beautiful lakes near which you can stay in hotels as well as in stunning holiday homes that you will not have to rob a bank for, especially if you share the cost with your friends or family.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Slovenia is home to many European hidden gems, and Lake Bled is no exception, although it is true that the secret of its beauty has long been discovered. Along with the fairy-tale church that runs through the trees on the island of Bled, surrounded by the tiny blue water of the lake, Lake Bled looks almost magically under the snowy winter layer. Just 22 miles from the airport in Ljubljana, there are very few obstacles limiting you to spend at least seven days with the tranquility of the calm waters of Lake Bled.

Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Imagine drinking a morning coffee on the terrace of an amazing villa on the lake or ending an evening at the glittering night-time water surface. One of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe and part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979, Lake Ohrid has long been one of the most visited places for a lazy vacation on the lake for the Macedonians and Albanians, the two countries that touch them. While visitors are now coming from the whole Balkan region, the lake retains its charm, beauty, and most importantly, peace and quiet lie along the shores of turquoise waters.

Lake Orta, Italy

Undoubtedly, the moon of European lake destinations, Italian lakes have something for everyone, depending on the depth of the pocket and the desire to see celebrities. Although dangerously close to destinations visited by crowds of tourists such as Lake Garda, Maggiore and Como, Lake Orta is still under radar and surely contains all the picturesque and culinary delights of its larger, better-known brothers. If you are staying in Orta San Giulio, on the edge of the lake, you will still be able to enjoy one day of a more picturesque city tour in just an hour’s drive from Milan.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Croatia joined the European Union in 2013, and longtime fans of this beautiful country began to fear the rise in the price of Croatian beer. However, thanks to the rules of the National Park, the stunning Plitvice Lakes are still protected from the stairs of tourists who want to see their waters and impressive strata of waterfalls; truly unique view.

Loch Awe, Scotland

Before we are lost in continental Europe – a dangerous simple thing – let’s jump to the British Isles to see what we have to offer. Loch Awe in Scotland has a strong competition with other lakes on this list, with rolling hills in the background and crystal clear water with a collection of centuries-old castles and ruins. Actually, you can even go to one of these castles.

Lake Sainte-Croix, France

Although the artificial lake, built thanks to the need to build a dam in the 1970s, Sainte-Croix compensates for the lack of natural origin with the pleasantly pleasing views and cheerful blue waters where you can swim, ride kayaks and pedal boats. While other French lakes such as Annecy are forced to deal with a large number of visitors throughout the year, in September, Sainte-Croix will be almost as a secret refuge.

Lake Hévíz, Hungary

Small things can still go back to the big door. You are not convinced that European lakes are hot enough for swimming? Lake Hévíz can change your mind. This thermal lake in Europe, only 12 hectares large, is considered “geological curiosity” thanks to its water that keeps the heat of 38.5 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Book an apartment in the city center and you can walk to the lake. In addition, Lake Hévíz is very close to a much larger but slightly cooler and equally beautiful Lake Balaton.

Lake Constance, Germany, Switzerland, Austria

It seems impossible to compile a list of the best lakes in Europe without mentioning Switzerland and Austria, two countries without sea exits that are trying to maximize the amazing potential of their freshwater lakes. Although the banks of Lake Constance touch the boundaries of both countries, the best place to rest at this lake is perhaps in Konstanz, southern Germany. Along with the Alps on all sides it is difficult to sit on Constance lake banks and not be impressioned with the view.

(TripAdvisor, pixabay)


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